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New IPCC Report & Indigenous-led Conservation in the Boreal

It is exciting to see that in Canada’s Boreal Forest region, Indigenous governments are already working hard to do their part to conserve the land and its carbon stores—a vital part of slowing the impacts of climate change as described by the authors of this new IPCC report.

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Hill Times: It's Time for Canada to Think Big on Conservation

Incrementalism and business as usual won’t save the planet. We must take bold, ambitious action to conserve the diversity of life. Indigenous Nations are stepping forward with proposals for achieving these goals. It’s time to support their leadership and partner in conservation.

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Ministers’ Meeting Builds Momentum on Conservation, Indigenous Peoples Ready to Partner

Provinces and territories are focused on creating new parks and protected areas, and Indigenous Nations across the country are too. From the Sahtu in the Northwest Territories to the Misipawistik Cree Nation in Manitoba, First Nations are moving forward on conservation.

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