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New IPCC Report & Indigenous-led Conservation in the Boreal

It is exciting to see that in Canada’s Boreal Forest region, Indigenous governments are already working hard to do their part to conserve the land and its carbon stores—a vital part of slowing the impacts of climate change as described by the authors of this new IPCC report.

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Summit Showcases Opportunity to Conserve Nature on a Large Scale

Within Canada’s borders are some of the world’s most significant biodiversity features and carbon storage banks. By demonstrating how to protect and maintain those globally important natural assets in partnership with Indigenous Peoples, Canada can offer hope and inspiration to the world. The Nature Champions Summit will be the perfect place to begin turning that inspiration into on-the-ground solutions.

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Canada’s Historic Investment in Conservation Will Help Protect Boreal Forest

The 2018 federal budget includes a historic $1.3 billion investment in nature conservation. This support will help Canada honour its international commitments to sustain biodiversity and meet its target of protecting at least 17 per cent of lands by 2020.

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