How Big is the Boreal Forest?

Canada’s Boreal is the largest intact forest left on Earth, home to sweeping landscapes unbroken by roads or other development. How big is it? Click here for the Audio Described version.


Indigenous Guardians—Caring for the Land

Many Indigenous communities across the Boreal Forest have launched Indigenous Guardians programs to care for traditional territories. Guardians serves as stewards on the land. They manage protected areas, study wildlife and monitor development projects by drawing on Indigenous and western science.

The  Indigenous Leadership Initiative produced this short video of guardians talking about their work.

“We are sustaining our traditional territory not only for us, but for the whole world,” says Gloria Enzoe of the Nihat’ni Dene program of the Lutsel K’e Dene First Nation. “Our ecosystem is so pure, we have so many trees that we are cleaning up a lot of pollution. It means we are here protecting Mother Earth in order for the rest of the world to live on her.”


Indigenous-led conservation partnership in Akaitcho Néné – with Steve Nitah

The DUC National Boreal Program is partnering with the Dene First Nations to map wetlands in the Akaitcho Néné – a vast swath of boreal forest in the Northwest Territories. The mapping will give the Dene a snapshot of what the Akaitcho territory looks like, which will help them to make decisions on land use planning, possible protected areas and special management zones.

Land, culture and identity are interwoven with the Dene First Nations and the project is helping them to take responsibility to self-determine the future of their lands. To learn more, watch this video produced by Ducks Unlimited Canada

Now is the Time for Indigenous-Led Conservation in Canada

Canada has pledged to protect at least 17% of land by 2020. Many Indigenous Nations across the Boreal Forest are already planning and creating new protected areas. By partnering with Indigenous Peoples on land use planning and management, Canada can meet its targets and become a global leader in conservation.