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New Study: Brighter Future for Birds Is Within Reach

These are real solutions to averting the worst possible future outlined in the Audubon study for birds and, by extension, for us humans: we breathe the same air, drink the same water, and endure the same temperatures as the birds.

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Birds in Steep Decline but Hope Remains

The region where billions of North America’s birds are born remains largely healthy and intact. Every year, 3 to 5 billion birds emerge from Canada’s Boreal Forest. We still have a chance to protect these nesting grounds on a grand scale and give species the best chance of surviving into the future.

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Canada’s Best Opportunity to Conserve Birds is to Conserve the Boreal Forest

The report confirms that conservation and international cooperation can reverse declines in bird populations. Smart government policies like banning DDT and investing in wetlands restoration across Canada and the United States, for instance, have helped duck populations increase by 69% and geese by a whopping 360%.

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